History of the Narrowsburg Inn

Located in the beautiful Delaware River hamlet of Narrowsburg, New York, the Narrowsburg Inn is the oldest continuously operated inn of its type in New York State. The Inn was initially built to serve coach travelers on the Mount Hope and Lumberland turnpike. It later served raftsman bringing wood down the Delaware during the early building stages of Philadelphia. It has served asa stopping off place for Erie Railroad travelers and for those seeking refuge from the heat and humidity of New York City.

The History of Narrowsburg, NY

Narrowsburg, NY - Believed to have been settled in the early 1770s by Benjamin Homan. Following the Revolutionary war as the area became further settled the area became known as Narrowsburg due to the Delaware being at its narrowest point there, just above the wide expanse, "Big Eddy" where sunrise and sunset views are spectacular.

This lively hamlet in Tusten is alive with history and an abundance of cultural life. Home to the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, a group which supports art, music literary and other cultural programs.

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